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it's the end of you're times, you're parties, you're gator, and you're chance to rhyme. You're cupcakes are bad, now buy me lunch, And if you do not do it, you will get punched. I'm glad that you had to work on a farm of rocks, Party time? no it's late-o-clock. I don't care, i would break a pinkie promise, to see you get extremely pissed. Pinkie? well you're not the only thing pink, admit it, you're a lezbo who's looking to kink. I was just getting warm so it's time to begin the Epic Rap Battles of Cartoon's history. Oh you have to pee? well i'm not letting you in, is being addicted to parties good? no it's a sin. If you worked on a apple farm, you would not kick more bark, and if it was not for Dashie, you wouldn't have a cutie mark.


My Pinkie Sense is kicking in cause you're just a jerk, take a shower cause you smell like birds and apple turds. Oh you want this sandwich? well it's now mine, you're just having a crazy fit, now go and cry. You just need to rap, Pinkie Pie style, I'm a strawberry shortcake, you're just an old file. You battled traffic, i battled my clones, you'll get no girls at the end of the song cause you're in the friend zone. You're acting crazy cause you're learning lesson zero, You're battling pathetic thing, you're no ones hero. Shut you're mouth or you will be baked, frosted, and sprinkled into my delicious cupcakes.


Move the fuck out the way! I could do anything than Dan vs. FiM today. cause i could do anything i can do, so i'm gonna break the rules, Nobody is gonna invited in the Party of One, Oh stupid you.


I'll make a seziure party so you will trip balls, By the end of the song, i'll break you like the fourth wall. You think you're buddy is better than the Mane 6, yes us, you'll be sucking my PARTY CANNON PENIS!

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