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Supercooldude2121 (also known as FilmCraft Productions or simply just Filmcraft) is a comedy duo on YouTube.


FilmCraft Productions was originally formed in 2006 by Connor Finlayson, where he used the name for short films. The channel was opened in April 2009 and had no theme or style. The channel was hosted by Connor Finlayson and had guests such as Ian McLaren from Ianrockstheworld later in the channels history.

In December 2011, Jacob Martens joined FilmCraft and in March 2012 Jacob premiered in his first video. Soon after he was brought in as the co-star and as of now is equal in the show with Connor.

Video Style and Theme

FilmCraft Productions is mainly a comedy channel. With videos themes such as "Trolling" and pranks. And also Comedy Sketches and other comedy videos.

There are a few non-comedy videos such as January 2012's Furby Possession horror short film.

Popular Uploads

As of November 2013 the channels most highly viewed video is Crazy Women Ding Dong Ditch  The video is a simple prank, but is the most viewed video to date. This video brings in allot of new viewers to the channel.

Other popular uploads include many other prank videos such as "Operation Shit Bag" and "Fighting and Swearing in front of teachers"

Other Channels

FilmCraftSecondChannel is the second channel of FilmCraft. This channel has bloopers, behind the scenes and unreleased content from the original channel, as well as some other assorted content.

There are rumors and requests of a gaming channel, but no there is no official statement on whether this is true.