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Nicholas Fiondella (firedragon764 or FiFi) (born September 30, 1993 (1993-09-30) [age 24]) is a gameplay commentator and speedrunner on Twitch and YouTube. He is famous for his speedruns of various games in the Mario franchise including Luigi's Mansion and Super Mario Sunshine, though he has played other games such as Super Monkey Ball, Splatoon, and Diddy Kong Racing.

Personal Life

FiFi started streaming while he was attending college. However, he decided to drop out of college in order to focus on streaming full time. He has since moved several times, including having to move back home temporarily to take care of his mother, whom he refers to as "Mama FiFi." His father, "Papa FiFi," has been known to make occasional appearances in both his chat and physically on stream, the latter of which has usually been to show off his drumming skills. His former roomate, CloakedYoshi a.k.a. "Tooshi," is still a close friend of his and they have streamed together previously.

FiFi is currently has a girlfriend who also occasionally participates in streams.