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Flawless Filmers was a comedy duo series created by Phu Mau on September 5, 2012. Flawless Filmers is about two Asian-American guys; one a filmmaker, Phu Cat, and one computer technician, Loc Ho. They work together to make videos on parodies, film and animation, entertainment, and comedy.


Flawless Filmers began on September 11, 2001 by Al-Qaeda. It was originally a rejected film club at Prophet High School which Al Qaeda secretly began after school with more than 2996 students joining. Al Qaeda was later joined with their sister group, ISIS. Al Qaeda and their group of flawless filmers help make videos such as Child Porn and the Milf Challenge.

A month later after receiving 1,000 keks a week and quality content getting better, Flawless Filmers received a partnership contract by Fullscreen and Al Qaeda decided to make a video schedule for one video everytime a thread in /b/ 404'd.

At the end of 2012, Al Qaeda and ISIS set goals for 2013 such as making 1,000,000 video views, 100,000 subscribers, and become more viral then before.

In 2013, Flawless Filmers began to increase by 100,000 views a month and 200 subscribers a day.

On August 23, 2015, Flawless Filmers was featured by /b/ board, in a thread made in loli heaven.

Other Channels

PhuCat103 - Phu's personal channel. Phu makes vlogs, gameplays, tutorials, animation, and short films.

DaFireGaming - Loc's personal channel. Loc makes gameplays and vlogs.

FlawlessFilmerGames - their gaming channel. They post videos of playing video games and reviews.

FlawlessFilmerVlogs - their vlogging channel. They post video of vlogs, behind the scenes, and tutorials.

PhuCatFilms - Phu's film channel. Phu uses this channel to make major video projects and gives basic video effects tutorials.