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Allen Buckle (born October 24, 1987 (1987-10-24) [age 30]) better known as FluffeeTalks is a Canadian YouTube comedian. His videos are best known for stating the weirdest news around the world, and adding a comedic twist on them but recently he has expanded his videos to worlds worst ... video and your bad at ... videos, which have been popular, with hundreds of thousands of views in a matter of short time. He currently has over 977,000 subscribers, 284 million video views and has over 1000 videos. He is known for wearing a black beanie in all of his videos that says "FLuffee", and beginning his videos by saying "Hey, what's up?". FLuffee also has two other accounts "ThisisFLuffee" and "FLuffee4theWin." Most of his videos get around 200 - 400 thousand views, but his most viewed video, "13 Year-Old Dad." has over 21 million views.

"Fake" Thumbnails

Most YouTubers make a custom thumbnail of them doing a weird posture or having a crazy face. This helps viewers more easily identify which video features them.


In 2011, FLuffee was listed on YouTube's top 5 Most Subscribed in Canada.

3 Year-old Crack Head

3 Year-old Crack Head.