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FlyingKitty is an Estonian (determinant) YouTube Pooper whose YouTube Poops are mainly based around the Grand Theft Auto series. He has a second YouTube channel called FlyingKitty2. He also currently has over 300,000 subscribers.


Not much information is known about FlyingKitty's background, and the only thing we can presumably trust is the fact that he is Estonian.

Nine's The Limit

FlyingKitty makes a series where Melvin "Big Smoke" Harris from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas sings them, named Nine's The Limit. Currently, there are over 11 songs made for it.

1. Big Smoke's Order 2. What Is Cheese? 3. we are number one but all you had to do was follow the damn train cj 4. YOU PICKED THE WRONG HOUSE FOOL 5. Just Another Order 6. I'm In Love With The Damn Train 7. Never Gonna Follow That Train 8. Boulevard of Smoke N Cheese 9. It's Everday BrOOOHHH 10. The Ting Go OOOHHH 11. Chicken Gang