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Matt Ferrante (January 3, 1993 - December 10, 2009 [aged 16]) known as Fortyniner235 was acting YouTuber. He was a partner machinimator and partner for his cancelled series Zeburon.


Fortyniner's most popular video was A Kirby Story with over 45,000 views. His second most viewed video is Sonic Leaves Brawl, with over 39,000 views.


Account Control

There have been reports of people saying that he isn't dead, and that he was faking it. However, fortyniner's sister as of current is the one controlling his YouTube and Skype accounts. As of current, she has not found anything about her brother's death.


Matt had a great circle of friends and family who love him and care for him. He had friends all over the community, including school, the neighborhood, from gradeschool, and even from church. And he had the whole Machinima community. He was very well liked; no one had a bad thing to say about him.


It was reported at around 7PM or 8PM EST that fortyniner235's incident was reported. He died from brain damage after committing suicide.

His sister had this to say:

Disclaimer: This is Matt's sister. Unfortunately, Matt died on Thursday afternoon. He took his life into his own hands. No one expected it, and everyone was blown away in total shock, myself included. It's true what you guys have said; he's an awesome person. I hate him for what he did, but I love him for who he is. I hate that I didn't even know what Machinima was until now, but it appears that he was great at it, which he was at everything he did. All of your comments really help. If you have anything else to say, please do. I really appreciate it. And if you have any saved convos, that would be really great to read. It's creepy, but anything that keeps his voice and spirit alive is really comforting. Thank you guys. And please. If anyone has something they want to say about themselves, send it as a message. If you need someone to talk to, I will be there. It might seem weird, but I have found so much comfort in talking to someone I dont know and maybe that's what people need, is to talk to someone you don't know. So I will be that person. Please know that Matt still had a great zest and zeal for life, he just got discouraged for a bit and thought this was the solution. But that doesn't change who he is or the meaning of life.