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Tyler Cassidy (born in 1991) known on YouTuber as Froggy Fresh (formerly known as Krispy Kreme) is an American rapper who became known after uploading "The Baddest", a rap music video on YouTube that has currently earned over 4 million views.

Personal life

Froggy Fresh revealed that one of his influences is the rapper Nas, whom he would listen to in his childhood. Froggy Fresh revealed that in his childhood he would have dreams of becoming famous.


"The Baddest", along with subsequent music videos, feature Money Maker Mike, a "Southern speaking" rapper. Froggy Fresh has 367,000 subscribers and 23,671,000 views on YouTube as of December 1, 2013. His real name is Tyler Cassidy, as he revealed when he retired from his Froggy Fresh persona.