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Trey R. (born August 15, 1998) known as "Froggytv" on YouTube, is a YouTube gamer who lives in Iowa, United States. He is mainly a Minecraft YouTuber though he has done a few series on other games such as Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and The Walking Dead. Trey is the owner of the Minecraft Group Team Beacon as well as a former moderator on the Minecraft server "MCGamer". GoldSolace made him a profile picture in accordance to his commisonon for one on Febuary 13th, 2015, and uploaded a speedart of it. He currently has 1,700+ subscribers on his YouTube channel


FroggyTV has a decent sized group of individuals that he records with. The list below shows a list of almost every individual that he has recorded with. Italicized names are in or were in the group Team Beacon.

  • Zarx238
  • Datoxicoss
  • MrCrispyPotato
  • PhreakDubz
  • KitKatlovesMC
  • Cartoonhero12
  • ToxicAJ2000
  • Violetheart17
  • KittyPokemon87
  • TheH10Studioz
  • JoshPrey
  • EpicSkillz14
  • Mistercrit
  • AbDUCKTed

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is the main series Froggytv is currently running, as well as the only predominant series on his channel that isn't Minecraft-related. This is the first video series that Froggytv's personal graphical artist, Japanga made the thumbnails for. This series has been discontinued due to lack of interest.

Survival Games w/ Froggytv

Survival Games w/ Froggytv is a series ran by Froggytv. It's quite simply a series dedicated only towards Survival Games.

Mine-Survival Land

Mine-Survival Land is another one of the series ran by Froggytv. It's been essentially discontinued.


  • Trey was once a moderator on Logdotzip's server, a guardian on AntVenom's server and an administrator on the server "MilkshakeMC"
  • He knows AntVenom personally.
  • He has been interested in computers since 2004 and has had a certain love for technology ever since.
  • He is one of AntVenom's twitch moderators.

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