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Full Burazeri formerly known as FullTV , is a channel made up of three brothers from Serbia which who make Minecraft videos. Their channel was started by Nixy or his real name Nikola. They are in really good contacts with SerbianGamesBL and Mudja. The members are Nikola, Djordje and Luka.


At the start of their YouTube channel, they had some dislikes, But when they becomed a good parnters of SerbianGamesBL, Their YouTube channel really becomed bigger and stronger. In 2015 they had a show in Kragujevac with SerbianGamesBL & Mudja. At least over 900+ Children were there. At the show they played games, And in 2014 they were in the biggest Serbian meeting with SerbianGamesBL,Mudja,Srpski Tutorijali,Yasserstain and KovalskA.


  • Minecraft
  • FIFA World
  • Skylanders
  • COD Advanced Warfare
  • Fifa Street
  • GTA 5