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Matteo Picarazzi (Born April 30, 1992) know on YouTube as GODz Dread is an Italian YouTube celebrity, videogamer and Internet personality. He is know for his Vlog and Gameplay on Call of Duty. He's one of the most famous Italian Gameplayer. He's popular for his direct style and he was one of the first Italian player to publish video on Call of Duty. He's a member of the clan GODz that he has created with another YouTuber called Aniima in the 2010. Dread is also part of the Melagoodo's Community. He's got over 500,000 subscribers in his main channel.


His first channel was called James Bicicletta, but here he only does a video for a contest. In the 2010 he creates the GODz Clan with Aniima and in the July 20, 2011 he creates his current main channel and he calls it Dread, because in this period he has dread hair.

In the July 29, 2011 he publishes his first video on this channel and this is a Commentary on Call of Duty. At first Dread posts a Commentary every Thursday, but in the November 8, 2011 he starts a Road To Commander on Call of Duty MW3. In the April 20, 2012 this series reaches the 139th episode and Dread decides to open another channel and he begins the same format on this one

Meanwhile he starts to publish some random Vlogs and when his Road To Commander ends on his main channel, Dread does some videos on Battlefield 3 and he starts another format on MW3, called Road To Moab. When it finishes, too, he begins a Minecraft Series and it gets quite successfull.

In this period he also publishes some videos with others Gameplayers, as Frax, Fazzah, OwN, GabboDSQ and JusTRohn on Call of Duty and FIFA. In the October 25, 2012 Dread starts his best series: La Sfida di Dread (The Dread's Challenge), where he has to do very death on CoD a challenge that its subscribers choose.

In these months he begins some series on Devil May Cry, Dead Space 3 and Far Cry 3 and in the February 8, 2013 he does his first vlog in the car and he starts a series on FAQ. In the June 17, 2013 his main channel reaches 100.000 Subscribers and he is summoned at the E3.

In the September 17, 2013 he begins a series on GTA and in the September 27 he publishes his current most viewed video: GTA V - Assalto a Fort Zancudo (GTA V - Attack at Fort Zancudo). In the Dicember 20, 2013 he starts a Road To Division One on FIFA14. Meantime Dread does some videos, called FIFA Challenge, where he plays on FIFA with a particular team.

In the September 6, 2014 his FIFA14's RTD1 ends and he begins the same series on FIFA15. Today Dread's got three channel and on the main one he's got about 500.000 subscribers. He's also member of Melagoodo's Community and he's one of the best Gameplayers in Italy.