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Gabriel E. De la Torre  (Born Oct. 26, 1995) known on YouTube as GabStache is a 19 year old gamer and vlogger.

He mostly uploads gaming videos. He plays games ranging from games you can buy or games from, like Doodle God.

He uploads one or more videos a day depending on how he's feeling. GabStache is known to collaborate with a lot of people, around 15. He mainly collabs with:

Anordinarygirl94, Ozone MasterBlaster, DevilHeart13, AizenPlays, Raptorsalad6133, PanzyGames, Comrade Bluto, AmericanSven, Gen X, Maybelle, thedazzle13, True Heals, Won Cast, OtakuSkittles, and aiRuby.

He mostly concentrates on Garry's Mod and other Valve games. Also, he likes playing RPGMaker games like "Sukkute," "Starbot," and others.

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