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Tom Jaeger-Rydall, otherwise called Galipoka, is a young American YouTuber. He is best known for his series 'The Jaegerr Report'. Jaeger-Rydall is son of Elizabeth Jaeger-Rydall an American actor. Tom Jaeger-Rydall also an American actor is credited with the name Jaeger Rydall.

In early 2007 Jaeger-Rydall's YouTube account was suspended with no notice. It is believed that the suspension was due to his age. Jaeger-Rydall was 11 at the time, he was born August 18, 1995. Jaeger-Rydall attempted to return with other accounts, galipoka555 which was believed to be deleted by him, TemporaryGalipoka, and InfernoStudios which has also been deleted or suspended? Jaeger-Rydall on his 13th birthday opened a new account GalipokaV2. His account GalipokaV2 is closed. You can view his older videos through the account called RestoreGalipoka and GetGalipokaBack

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