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Game On is a gaming channel that first started in April 28th, 2013. It was founded by its host Pixel thumb; His real name is unknown. He has also been known to have a special quest star called Trex kid come and play with him to. His scheduled is Mon-Fri 4vids and on Sat-sun 1vid. He also has his own website, this can be found here. His channle is described as "Game on is a gaming channel like none over! we do reviews game play and news and rumors. with your host pixel thumb. made by multi media productions! who bring you shows like the big screen and lots more!" Multi Media is the name given to all the different YouTube acounts Pixel thumb owns.


Game On does a variety of videos but is most well known for his minecraft videos and animations! His animations have around 200,000 collective views! His first animation was Never Say Goodbye reanimated - Thnxcya . This reached an outstading 150,000 views! Scince then he has made more animations that can be found in his playlist. This then imspiered him to go and learn more animation softwares like maya; in the hop to make more minecraft animations. However he is more well know for his Minecraft  video's ranging from Mod-spotlights in his scince lab to his hunger game series .  These are normaly daily and sometimes with the fans. Further more he dose a varity of indie games and horror games.


Game On was orginal called gameonpixelthumb and started in April the 28th 2013. However changed his name later on to shorten it. He started playing games like just caues 2 however these videos were unsuccessful and gained little views. Then 3 mounths later he started doing minecraft vids. This was when his channle started to grow. He started YouTube due to his love in filmmaking when he was younger and wanted to show his vids to more people. So far he has changed his branding 3 times this can be seen by his 1st logo , his 2nd logo and then his newest log o.

Multi Media

Multi Media are the creators of Game On, Game On2nd and The big screen. They currently have 200,000+ views and 800+ subscribes and growing! Game On is a gamming channel like no other; pixel thumb plays a variety of games, mod spotlights and more. Game On2nd is a channel to show you what goes in to making a vid, behind the scene and useful tutorials in maya, Minecraft and sony vagas. The Big Screen is a movie review channel, where I review all the latest movies and more!


Multi Media was first made in april 28th 2013, the first channle was original called gameonpixelthumb however late 2013 it was renamed Game On. He did a varity of COD and just caues 2 however when he found Minecraft his channle grow! Game On2nd was made shortly after and then The Big Screen. Multi Media's first viral video was never say good bye reanimated; reaching views of 200,000. Before YouTube Multi Media was in to film making and showed there movies in fornt of aduinces of around 60 people. With the future always unfloding who knows whats to come...