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Gamerlives is a humor-based game reviewer on YouTube. He does game reviews of more obscure and free PC games that not a lot of people talk about unlike the normal game reviewers who also do the big dogs like Call of Duty, Halo, Fallout, Gears of War, etc.


He made his first YouTube account in 2010 (He never posted a video on that one), but in 2011 he made another account where he started posting gaming videos with no audio. Then he started using his earbud to do reviews which came out like crap, and then he redid some of his no audio videos (hence, the notepad gag) and eventually he got an actual mic and came up with the name "Gamerlives 64-bit Reviews" from the fact that he has a 64-bit operating system and then his review show got started.


Gamerlives 64-bit Reviews - Googol

Gamerlives 64-bit Reviews - Googol