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GamingAllStarsGmod, formerly SuperSmashBrosGmod, is an animator who uses Garry's mod to make his videos. His older videos are stopmotion styled while his newer ones use smoother animation. Most of his videos are crossover animations.

Series and Movies

Super Smash Bros Movies 1-3

Back in his early days of animating his animation was very choppy stop motion. He made a series of movies in this style called Super Smash Bros. These movies included character from several different games including Mario,Sonic,GTA,Little Big Planet,Mortal Kombat,Dead Rising,NIGHTS into Dreams,Klonoa,and several others.The main plot consisted of all the characters trying to stop G-Man from Half-Life,working with several other villains including Doctor Eggman,Gygas,Master Hand,Crazy Hand,Pyramid Head,and Bowser from taking over the world.The series uses the character introduction method from Super Smash Bros Brawl's Subspace Emmisarry and the concept of characters turning into trophies when defeated.

Gaming All-Stars and Gaming All-Stars 2

Gaming All-Stars was originally goiing to be the 4th Super Smash Bros movie but then he changed the title and made it its own thing non-canon to the other three.It was originally a 3 part movie in his old animation style but he's currently releasing a remastered version in his new style,but instead of a movie it was released as a bunch of 2-10 minute long episodes uploaded every other Monday.It still used the same character introduction method and the trophy conceptfrom his Super Smash Bros mobirs.In the sequel series Gaming All-Stars 2 he has (for the most part) stopped using the trophy concept and Brawl styled character introductions and has switched the schedule from every other Monday to whenever the episode is completed.

Mario and Sonic Movies

Mario and Sonic, formerly called Mario vs Sonic is a series of 4 movies about Mario and Sonic teaming up to beat Eggman and Bowser.The third movie featured Crash Bandicoot a guest character.

Other Videos

He also makes other videos including a series of Random Moments he animated,some random funny videos,some funny video game moments,a Mario movie, and a Resident Evil Movie