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Paul Barbato, known as GeographyNow, is an American YouTuber that hosts an educational channel that features countries in their own videos and then talks about things like the politics, demographics, or geography. Paul uploads videos every week or so, spanning from 7 minutes to 12 minutes.

Video Details

Videos are typically filmed at the YouTube space studios in Playa del Rey, Los Angeles, California, USA and are uploaded typically 3-4 times a month with short seasonal intermissions. The videos include an array of simple motion graphic animation sequences.

Dissecting the flag (DISCONTINUED)

Information about the country's flag and the significance that each part of the flag symbolizes – as of May 2016, the Flag Dissection has been replaced by a separate video named "Flag Friday" to be able to upload more videos in a shorter time.

Political Geography

A closer look and analysis on the borders, capital, cities, roads, enclaves, exclaves, regional divisions, over seas territories, autonomous regions, and constituent affiliated territories under the countries sovereignty as well as famous landmarks, buildings and places of interest.

Physical Geography

An overview of the landscape of the country and what the physical components of the land are made up of. This includes forests, deserts, mountains, lakes, rivers, arable land, agriculture and economic production, land cultivation, and domestic resources.


A study into the population of the country, the people, the races, the diversity, the culture, the traditions, the language, the government, the notable citizens, the legislation, the heads of state, minor historical anecdotes (however generally history is not highly expounded upon extensively as the show tries to maintain a condensed yet compact lesson covering every category in about 10 minutes).

The Friend Zone

A section that discusses all about the diplomacy and international affairs of the country and how it relates to the rest of the world. Which countries are allies? Which countries are enemies? Why? Typically section ends with the "Best friend" of the country.


The conclusion is when the country is concluded at the end, and it is usually describing a country in a nutshell. He also explains the next country coming up.

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