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Geo Collins, otherwise known by her online alias geometricelectric is a 19-year-old comedian from Essex, England, with just over 5000 subscribers.

Splash the Cash

Splash the Cash


Geo opened up her YouTube channel, geometricelectric, in mid-2011, where she begun to upload vlogs about her daily life. Through 2012, her style began to change into one which involved more comedy and less straight vlogging, and in 2013 her style grew more professional, and her videos became more comedy sketch-type than vlogs. Over the years, Geo has accumulated YouTube contacts and made friendships with YouTubers such as Luke Cutforth, Jason, VenusAngelic, Marina Joyce, Amarghh, and more, although aims to gain subscribers without the constant help of her friends. Geo often appears in collaboration videos with Kati from TheKatiTube, as well as being known to appear with Louise from Shortiebread, Amy from Amarghh, Sophie from SophieLikesStuff, and Quinn from RedBlueQuinn. Geo's most popular video, Scene Kidz, made in early 2012, sparked much controversy in many sub-cultures across YouTube. Geo's video style could be compared to the style of Emma Blackery, although different styles are often adopted by means of experimentation.