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Zach Drapala (born December 13, 1989 (1989-12-13) [age 27]), known as GhostRobo is a U.S. video-gamer and vlogger who was born near Detroit, Michigan and currently lives in Indiana.According to YoustreamDB  GhostRobo is commonly one of the first to get his hands on most sought-after titles.


GhostRobo started his channel on Oct 12th, 2010. He does mostly game commentary; his breakthrough series according to several statements in videos is L.A. Noire. He does walkthroughs and reviews of video games.  

In March 2014, he started doing mini podcasts with his friend, GameRiot. Now his weekly podcast (cant stop playing) is on YouTube and Itunes which he does with his friends Blitzwinger and VolatileGabe 

He sometimes reviews movies and gadgets, although this is seldom. He also does Taste Tests and Blind Box Unboxings quite frequently. 

His most popular video is titled: SCARIEST MOMENT EVER IN MINECRAFT!!

He has two younger brothers, Jake and Noah, that he often makes videos with.

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