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Christopher Alexander Meyers, better known online as GhostgamingYT, Ghosteez, or Ghost0523, is a Gaming YouTuber, most popular for his wide-known Hexxit series, and now Agario videos. He's accumulated a small fanbase of players known as the "Ghost Army". He's also a regular livestreamer on his Channel Ghost0523, and a longtime friend of Bodil40

Single-Player Series


His most popular series with 416,500+ views. It has 22 episodes, and is well liked. The first ten episodes, especially the first episode, were the most viewed. The series uses the Hexxit modpack, which is provided by the Technic Launcher.

Better Survival

His second most popular series featuring the Better Survival modpack has 152,500+ views, but only four episodes in the first season and one in the second season. This series has not been touched since September 1, 2013 and is unlikely to continue, seeing as there hasn't been much mention of the modpack.

Hardcore Survival

Hardcore Survival comes in as his third most popular series having 152,000+ views and 35 episodes.

Other series

  • The Sims 3: A let's play of the Sim's 3, which has 46,800+ views. Although, the viewing has really died down, from seeing the progress from the first to the latest episode.
  • Ghostpack: His own modpack which is not available for casual download. Has 30,500+ views.
  • The Wasteland Mod: Another single-player let's play of Ghost's, using the Wasteland mod. This series has 27,300+ views.
  • Terraria
  • KoonKraft Server
  • Server

Extra Facts

  • It's said that his fans looked for him at his school.
  • His team speak server is extremly cancerous according to user Orbitalv1.
  • He really wants to give Aimee his phone number.

Ghost Army

Current members

  • DeadloxMC
  • Bodildo40 
  • Vincenta The Purple Girl



Hardcore Minecraft Episode 1 - Starting out

Hardcore Minecraft Episode 1 - Starting out.

Minecraft Let's Play Hexxit Mod Pack! Starting our adventure! Ep 1

Minecraft Let's Play Hexxit Mod Pack! Starting our adventure! Ep 1