Louie Batton known as Gibbontake, also known as Hippocrit, Gib, or Hippo, real name , is a male British YouTuber who makes a variety of content split between his four channels.  He does comedy videos, My Little Pony videos, video game livestreams, vlogs, let's plays, and video game reviews.  He's also a member of The Pro Crastinators Podcast, along with his friends, all of which are fellow YouTubers themselves.  

Featured Channels

  1. My Japanese Animes
  2. Digibro
  3. BestGuyEver
  4. Rebel Pixels
  5. TheDavoo
  6. The Pro Crastinators
  7. Mumkey Jones
  8. Munchy wtinyhats
  9. LethalAuroraMage

Various Channels

  1. Gibbontake (vlog channel, active)
  2. Gibbon Gaming (gaming channel, active)
  3. Hippocrit (review channel, active)
  4. Gibbon Fortress 2 (Team Fortress 2 channel, inactive since November 1, 2014)


Gibbontake Videos

Gibbon Gaming Videos

Let's Plays

  1. Fire Emblem 7
  2. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
  3. Rayman 2: The Great Escape
  4. Chrono Trigger
  5. Medievil
  6. Populous: The Beginning
  7. Crash 3: Warped
  8. Spyro the Dragon
  9. Dark Souls
  10. Dark Souls 3
  11. Pokemon Sapphire Nuzlocke
  12. Tomb Raider
  13. Ape Escape
  14. World of Warcraft
  15. Twitch Livestreams

Hippocrit Videos


Hippocritical Reviews
  1. Dark Cloud
  2. Jak and Daxter the Precursor Legacy
  3. Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright
  4. Ratchet & Clank
  5. Harry Potter (PS1)
  6. Sly 2: Band of Thieves
  8. Club Penguin
  9. Loony Tunes
  10. Rayman
Miniscule Reviews
  1. Puzzle Pirates
  2. Pokemon GO!
  3. Diaries of a Space Port Janitor
  4. Adventure Quest
  5. Driver 2
  6. Adventure Quest 3D
  7. Pokemon Moon
  8. Fire Emblem: Heroes
  9. Club Penguin

Gibbon Fortress 2 Videos

Team Fortress 2 Videos

  1. [TF2] Sniper: Upward Defense Commentary
  2. [TF2] Speedy Critz Scout: Kong King Kommentary
  3. [TF2] Kunai Spy: Upward Commentary
  4. [TF2] Sneaky Tunnel Pyro (commentary)
  5. Too Many Engineers (TF2 Commentary) 60FPS


Gibbontake Patreon Introduction

I make reviews of gamers and other media, the reviews are highly humorous and analytica.  

These are fun to make and it's great knowing that people enjoy watching them, but if I'm to do this at all I need to be making enough money to pay rent and eat, otherwise i'll just have to get a job somewhere, and it'll be goodbye forever.  

So, support me if you want.  

Reward Goals

  1. $1 or more per Video
    1. There are no extra rewards, if you want to support me, you get +1 satisfaction point towards our life goal of making me money.  
  2. $5 or more per Video
    1. I'm just putting this here just to imply that you can totally give me $5 for no reward at all.  
  3. $10 or more per Video
    1. $10 gets you even less than nothing, cuz that's a lot of money you're spending.  
  4. $20 or more per Video
    1. Holy Shit! EVEN MORE NOTHING!  You've never even SEEN this sorta reward, how cheap could I possibly be?  
  5. $60 or more per Video
    1. You've done it you've reached the "Area."  In the "Area" you will find vast expanses of you giving me $60. 
  6. $88 or more per Video
    1. 8)
  7. $100 or more per Video
    1. OK, THIS is the reward tier, I'm talking the FULL-ON 100% REAL ACTUAL reward.  For $100 per month (month or video I forget) I will let you.....Squeeze Hippos BUTT!  But you gotta catch him first.  

Stretch Goals

  1. First Stretch Goal (NOT REACHED:  24% COMPLETE)
    1. This is really the only goal I need to reach, if I can do this then I don't need to worry so much about life in general.  
  2. Second Stretch Goal (NOT REACHED:  14% COMPLETE)
    1. Always nice to have better shit so I can make videos in higher quality and much quicker (by shortening rendering times and such)
  3. Third Stretch Goal (REACHED:  100% COMPLETE)
    1. I'll be able to pay my parents rent with this much, which means no nagging to get a "job" which means more videos, and you want those.  

External Links

  1. Twitter
  2. Patreon
  3. Twitch


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