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Michael, (born August 9, 1999), more commonly known as Giga Gamby, is an American YouTuber.


He started his channel by the name of Giga Gamby and uploads videos of Miiverse. He currently has over 16,000 subscribers on his main channel and over 600 subscribers on his second channel. He was born on August 9.


He is known for his Miiverse videos. He uploads the 'A Typical Miiverse Relationship' and 'How To YouTube' 2-3 times a month.

YouTube Channels

Giga Gamby : His main channel, where he uploads a variety of content.

Mega Yoshi : His second channel, where he also uploads avariety of content. 


  • Worst Posts On Miiverse
  • A Typical Miiverse Relationship
  • Trolling On Miiverse
  • How To YouTube

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