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Arin (born May 19, 2000 (2000-05-19) [age 16]), known on YouTube as GlaceYeon, is a UK animator and artist. She is most known for her avid shipping of Glatem, a ship that consists of herself and her girlfriend, Atem . Glace usually is portrayed as her original character, a kid with a grey face and spiked brown hair in the shape of cat ears. 


GlaceYeon began on YouTube in April of 2012 with a repeating GIF animation to "Stamp on the Ground", and since then has become more popular for her work in Animated Music Videos.


Glace explained in a journal post on her DeviantArt that she has two siblings, a brother and sister. The only outstanding detail about her parents was that she claimed her dad "has one hand". Whether or not this is true is not clear.


GlaceYeon is currently in a relationship with Atem, another smaller YouTuber who also does art. Glace is confirmed to be pansexual and demiromantic. She hasn't shown her face on YouTube or her DeviantArt, but does say that she has brown hair and wears contacts.

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