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Arin known on YouTube as GlaceYeon, is a hecking British ishilover. She is most known for her violent shipping of Glatem, a ship that consists of herself and her daddy, Atem . Glace usually is portrayed as her my little pony oc, a grey face with spiked fried chicken.


GlaceYeon began on RedTube in April of 2012 with a repeating GIF animation to "The Entire Bee Movie Script" She and her husband ishimaru lived in peace and harmony. But everything changed when the fire nation attacked.


What I don't understand is why this article called her Arin once and then called her Glace the rest like what the heck :( Also Glace's fam is Bek and ishidaddy


GlaceYeon is currently in a relationship with Ishimaru, another homosexual from dingle rope. Glace is confirmed to be a bee. She hasn't shown her face on YouTube or her DeviantArt, but she has been seen on instagram doing the ishimaru thing