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​Glacie Mashie first joined our screens on Youtube on the 18th June 2012 to start making Comedy videos and Home Vlogs. Mainly consisting of vlogs from her social life at school and out and about in the world. She resides in the UK but has done vlogs/ videos in Hungary and Wales.

She is planning collaborations with numerous other small youtubers such as BrookTellsIt LikeItIs and TheCalamity123 as well as friends who are planning on making their own youtube channels.

Glacie Mashie has adopted the bunny costume she recived for Easter as her recognised signiture, though she can be known for the Banana Hat she wears during newly created vlogs.

She has done spoofs of the well known British Company 'Direct Line' spoofing the adverts that are broadcasted in Britain and Onision's Banana Nation Song (That itself was a spoof of the original viral video 'I'm a Banana')

Her most popular videos so far are 'The Craziest Sleepover Ever' and a mix of other videos such as 'School Trip to Yorkshire' and 'Teenage Girl gone crazy- Start of summer'. (However the latter video was banned in Germany because of Copyright Issues but that aside.)

Her personal youtube inspirations first came from Friday Night Cranks which introduced her to the world of youtube. Seeing an Onision video similar to FNC she subscribed to him and became a massive fan of him and his 'OnisionSpeaks' videos. After a while she eventually branched out to watch the bigger youtubers such as Smosh, Shane Dawson, PewDiePie and others.

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