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Profile: GoGoManTV
Twitter: @GoGoManTweet
Facebook: gogomantvfanpage
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Style: Gaming
Date Joined: July 11, 2010
Date Shut Down: N/A
Subscribers: 870,000+*
Videos: 400+
Schedule: 2-3 videos per week
Status: Active
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GoGo's Vlog Number.Final Slovensky - Make-Up Tutorial !

GoGoManTV, or shortly GoGo is Slovak vlogger and Let's Player. He has three YouTube channels: GoGoManTV - the main channel, GoGosVlog - the random vlogging channel, and GoGoEnglishTV - the channel with few videos in English language (inactive). He also has account on called AskGoGoManTV and official Facebook and Twitter page. Sometimes he also makes livestream events. Most of his videos are recorded in Slovak language, but it's known he has subscribers except Slovakia and the Czech Republic also in Brazil, Mexico, Afghanistan, Great Britain and another countries, as mentioned in one of his videos.

He starts almost each video with "Čaute, tu je GoGo..." (Hi guys, GoGo's here...) or "BAM! Čaute, tu je GoGo..." (BANG! Hi guys, GoGo's here...). He plays various video games, though probably the most known of his LP series are from games Minecraft, Mafia 1 and 2 and Grand Theft Auto 4 and 5. His fans are often reffering to him as "The king of Slovak Let's Players" or even "The king of Czech-Slovak Let's Players", being the most subscribed native YouTube channel in both countries.


GoGo is seventeen years old male born in September 24th, 1996, living in Bratislava (capital of Slovakia). His full name is Daniel Sebastián Štrauch. He has younger brother called Maximilián (or shortly Max) who was born at November 2012. His family owns two dogs - Maggie and Agáta, with Maggie belonging to him and Agáta to his mother. Maggie often appears in his videos and curses a lot, dubbed by GoGo himself. He has grandma living in Austria (who already appeared few times) and older cousin living in Serbia. He's student of local art high school.

P.O Box Adress


P.O BOX 88

Bratislava 5

852 88



"Deutsch Face"

  • Šiška ("'sheesh-kah"), in English cone, is an old pine cone which often appears GoGo's his vlogs. Whenever it appears, he instantly says "Šiška!" and makes his so-called "Deutsch Face". It officialy "died" in first episode of Garage Show, after his dog Maggie champed it. However it appeared again just few videos later with words roughly translated as "imma back, bitches".
  • He usually opens packages and reads letters during Garage Show. At present he owns so many pine cones and Nutellas sent by fans that he had to directly tell them to stop to do so, since he had no more place to store them.
  • His room has orange-painted walls, which became symbolical and later became "official color of GoGo". In January 2013 he moved his work place to garage, and now's recording most of his videos there. Just by the way, it has orange painted walls as well.
  • He's a subscriber of YouTube channels Tobuscus, Freddie Wong, ChaoticMonki, Smosh, CutiePieMarzia, MisterEpicMann and other. He used to subscribe to PewDiePie in past, however canceled his subscription because he "didn't want to be influenced by his style of playing and thus avoid accusation from fans for copying him".
  • TROLLaTROTL is YouTube channel where he and other Slovak let's player Zdochliakk are having around half hour long discusions about various things or events.
  • There is a game called GoGo Adventures, simple platform game created by two fans. It features Maggie, Šiška and Barack Obama.
  • His nickname is based on first word he ever said - "gogo", which in Slovak doesn't mean anything.
  • He often collaborates with other YouTube Let's Players from Slovakia and the Czech Republic, notably with menameselassie, GEJMR, SimonVojta and others. He also invites his friends or classmates from time to time to feature in his videos.
  • There is a video made by him called 25+ NÁHODNÝCH VECÍ O MNE (25+ random things about me), in which he mentioned among the other things that he has arachnophobia or that his favourite number is 13 481.
  • You can find his name on the Map of the Internet.

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