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Hai Der Sexay
Profile: GoldSolace
Twitter: @GoldSolace
Facebook: N/A
Style: Art, Gaming, Animation
Date Joined: 22nd February, 2012
Date Shut Down: N/A
Subscribers: 220,000+*
Videos: 100+
Schedule: Unknown
Status: Active

GoldSolace (real name Brice Purton) is an Australian youtuber from Coffs Harbour, NSW, who makes art, animation and gaming videos. He is known for making art & animations for well known youtubers such as Deadlox, SkyDoesMinecraft, MinecraftUniverse, KermitPlaysMinecraft, iJevin, ZexyZek, NoahCraftFTW and Bodil40. He has 188,000+ subscribers. He lives in the province of New South Wales, Australia. He has also started to do art for his Subscribers, which he calls "Sexay". On the 5th of December 2013 Brice moved to Los Angeles to "be with Team Crafted". His girlfriend is AnonGG or Shelby. They met on Raidcall and started skype chatting. He has an page where you can ask questions He is currently the only member of Team Crafted not to have a avatar by DeceptiBonk as he is the other artist, so he made it himself since DeceptiBonk did the same thing.

Intros Made By GoldSolace

SkyDoesMinecraft Intro of Buttery Squid Explosion00:11

SkyDoesMinecraft Intro of Buttery Squid Explosion

SkyDoesMinecraft Intro made by GoldSolace

Smexy Intro For Deadlox00:08

Smexy Intro For Deadlox

Deadlox Intro made by GoldSolace

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