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Goldenrebel25 (June 18, 2000 - May 15, 2015 [Aged 14]), also known as GoldenRebel or simply Gold, was a YouTuber who uploaded animation videos.


Goldenrebel25's videos are animations based off of the idea of if countries could talk and have feelings. He was one of the first youtubers to do these kinds of videos, and later hundreds of people would make videos themselves based off of him. He had several series on his channel and his channel got popular after his first and only live stream as a tutorial on how to make videos like his.

Channel History

Gold began uploading YouTube videos in the Fall of 2013, maintaining a small and slowly growing following. In this time, he would get about only one subscriber every other day. But at the turn of the year Gold's channel began to grow after he began making videos again after a short break, and he had a major subscriber boost in the first half of 2014, despite him cancelling one of his series. Around this time he began creating other channels based off of different subjects, with one reaching almost 200 subscribers.

With the launch of "Battle for Europe" and the reboot of "Future of Europe", his channel blew up, and he quickly gained hundreds of subscribers in just a few months from all over the world. He also uploaded a number of educational videos about the history of certain countries.


He started to become less active, despite reaching 1,000 subscribers in February 2015. He largely stopped making videos because of health issues, and sadly passed away in Boston in May of 2015.

Currently, his channel is currently run by his friend who makes similar videos to him.