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Ryan, also known as GoodTimesWithScar on YouTube is an American gamer who is known to do building tutorials on the popular game Minecraft. As of June 16, 2016, Scar (known by his fans) has over 246k subscribers.


Little is known about Ryan's history. During his freshmen year of high school, Ryan was apart of the swim team in his school and was very successful. He went to state in the 500 freestyle in 2005. A few months later, Ryan was sent to the hospital due to severe headaches, high blood pressure, and fatigue that made walking difficult. After rehab and strengthening muscles, Ryan became ill and was sent back to the hospital. Later that year, Ryan was diagnosed with neuromuscular disorder and had no choice but to be in a wheelchair to get around due to his inability to walk. He was also required to use a feeding tube due to decline in his health. He since then, has moved on to producing YouTube videos and helping other gamers.


GoodTimesWithScar has created many YouTube videos, mostly Minecraft associated, and creates tutorials on how to build houses ranging from crafstman, rustic, traditionional and modern art styles. Scar has also played on many


Jellie causing mischief

servers with other YouTubers such as Welsknight Gaming. He has also played other games such as The Forest, Planet Coaster, and Prison Architect to list a few. Because of Scar's neuromuscular disease, he occasionally goes on hiatus due to being in the hospital and getting treatment. Scar's pet cat, Jellie, is loved by fans of his and even exists inside of Scar's massive Minecraft survival world of Scarland.

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