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Welcome to Gradual Report, where we gradually report.


Dragisha "Danny" Grozdich (born August 14, 1980 (1980-08-14) [age 37]) (Serbian: Драгиша "Дени" Гроздић), better known as gradualreport. is an Serbian-American YouTuber and comedian. He is best known for his videos: How to Kiss, Serbian lessons, How To Cook PALACINKE and exploding condom. He also has another channel, which is mostly for Serbian people Serbian Lesson Guy.


Grozdich was born in Glendale, California in 1980 to Serbian immigrant parents. Danny's young life was interrupted in 1982 when his father died in a car accident due to a douche gasket lodged in his spark plug. The broken home that followed this tragedy and the frequent changing of schools formed the easily adaptable and always comfortable energy that Danny exudes on stage.

On the urging of his uncle Dan, Danny enrolled in Law School in a douche bag and spent three years learning about the douche nozzles that plague the human experience and the logical way things can be taken apart and reassembled to form a douche. Through hard work and focus Danny was able to overcome his fear of flying, homosexuality, and learning disabilities, earning three sets of Academic honors, highlighted by the coveted Departmental Honors, from which he received the additional designation for his departmental honors thesis, entitled "living with mental retardation".

After graduation Danny set his sights on Comedy taking the stage in various gigs from Rochester NY to The Comedy Store in Hollywood. Taking much from perspective gained from his experience with douche bags he began to redistribute it through a high energy comedy act that would begin to cultivate on the open mic stages across the country.


On gradualreport he makes funny entertaining videos on English, and on Serbian Lesson Guy he makes videos on Serbian & English.


  • "Welcome everyone to Gradual Report, my name is Danny"
  • "Welcome to be in Gradual Report, where we gradually report"
  • "U pičku materinu (in mother's c**t)"
  • "Today..."
  • "Ma to ti je to"

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