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GrandAngelicSwords is a YouTube animator that started out uploading videos in november 15th about gameplays. After a while he started making minecraft animations, and soon to be stickfigures animations. While growing daily, when he reach 100 subscribers he started to make the video called *QnA Ask Lenux*. After 5 - 7 months of practicing with pivot, he moved on to flash 8, and getting better each day

CATEGORY (Animations)

G.A.S recently started to become more enthuastic with RHG animations and characters. Thats were lenux comes in. Lenux is the first official RHG (Rock Hard Gladiator) that G.A.S ever made.


G.A.S has been uploading gaming videos since 1/2 year ago, about minecraft, star wars, terraria, undertale, ect ect


G.A.S is a boy that developed a love for animating when watching some of his old flipbook animations. He doesnt prefer anything else then waste his time on making animations for people to enjoy. He also developed a love for music , as seen on remixes his channel. Plus he has actually inspire alot of people and class mates to animate and follow the career of animation making. He is also the mighty leader of the clan name TOR or TOIR as he depicts in some of his videos and in discussion with alot of the teammates. The tor clan has the following 6 - 10 members that are close friends to him, and the numbers keep rising


  • He is a big fan of undertale                                                                                                                                
  •    *He loves RHG fanimations                                                                                                                                    *He was going to get his first win of RHG, but the challenger forfeited and he dint accept that type of win                  
  •  *He has 2 pending battles as of 10th october                                                                                                          
  • Hes main source of inspiration to keep going were his team mates and class mates

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