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Grandayy is a YouTuber who lives in Malta and makes memes. Most of them are either Lazy Town mashups and remixes (most commonly We Are Number One), Shooting Stars mashups and Donald Trump remixes. He occasionally does other short memes, most less than a minute long. Grandayy used to be his second channel for his other channel, grande1899, but it has since become his main channel. 

Second channel

Grandayy used to be his second channel to grande1899, but now they have flipped and Grandayy is the main channel. On his second channel, there weren't as many memes, but instead there were Minecraft Note Block remixes of songs and MIDIs. This channel has over 250,000 subscribers, more than Grandayy, but in the description of Grandayy he has said that it had become his main channel, even though grande1899 has more subscribers.


  • Grandayy's name ends in "ayy", and on his profile picture it says "ayy lmao" in the background.