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GrapeAppleSauce is a YouTube personality, mostly known for playing video games such as Minecraft. He is also know for being a part of the YouTube Minecraft group The Cube.


Grapeapplesauce, (real name Sean) is a Minecraft gameplay commentator. He is currently 22 years old, and is part of an SMP (Survival multiplayer server) called the Cube with lots of his Minecraft-related friends. He also contributes in a group event called The Cube UHC and has won three seasons: Season 7, Season 13 and Season 14, all of which had the mumble plugin. He is very good at PvP, winning against almost all the Cube members he has fought. He is known for his Hunger Games series and his skills with the fishing rod in Minecraft PvP.

List of Cube members and friends of Grape:

  • Graser10
  • Bayani (not in the Cube anymore)
  • HBomb94
  • Huahwi
  • KermitPlaysMC (Quit YouTube and The Cube in August 2015)
  • TheCampingRusher
  • StrauberryJam
  • Defek7
  • PatClone
  • ThatOneTomahawk (not in the Cube anymore)
  • FollowKevn (not in the Cube anymore)
  • DulJuice (not in the Cube anymore)
  • DevonDoesGames
  • MrMitch361
  • HeyImBee
  • MineplexOfficial (Parker_Games)
  • StacyPlays (not in the Cube anymore)
  • Dfield
  • Jwingwangwong
  • Kiingtong
  • Pokediger1
  • TofuuGaming
  • NoBoomGaming
  • Hyperdarkness
  • CreeperFarts (Ant)

Personal life

He used too have a tight schedule with his work at Dish TV causing him to upload videos infrequently. Now he has quit his job and is living off of YouTube. He lives in Cheyenne, Wyoming.


  • Hey, everyone, my name is Grapeapplesauce, and welcome back to another episode of (series name)
  • Holy smokes!
  • I can see the sun! (With CreeperFarts)
  • Minecraft!
  • Doy Doy!
  • Rod food!
  • This is a Minecraft (insert item name)
  • Like I give a heck!


  • His first death on the Cube SMP was caused by Graser10 in the PvP tournament, and in the second season, indirectly by StrauberryJam when Grape was taking the leap of faith. Grape would have made the jump, but Straub put a lapis block on the water source, causing Grape to die.

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