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Grian is a British gamer who creates Minecraft building tutorials and plays "build swap" (A Minecraft mini-game he invented). He occasionally also makes video blogs (vlogs) and plays other non-Minecraft games. He is known to do collaborations with Taurtis, and a few other smaller YouTubers. He also formerly collaborated with a much larger YouTuber, Samgladiator. Grian's channel initially exploded and was one of the fastest growing channels on YouTube for a short while when he uploaded the video, "5 Easy Steps To Improve Your Minecraft House". 

Before YouTube

Grian originally started his channel in late 2009; however, he did not begin to grow exponentially until 2014, and his life before YouTube played a major part in his success.


Before Grian became a fairly large YouTube personality, he was a part of a channel named CraftedMovie, a Minecraft cinema channel that was active 2011-2015. The channel originally consisted of a few starting members who starred in the short cinema clips; however, Grian became a part of the CraftedMovie team when he was invited to join the team as a set builder. Grian was one of the few various members who joined the CraftedMovie team after the original founders. After building sets behind the scenes for a long while, he eventually started starring in the videos as his own character, with a Minecraft Link skin. Grian became a popular internet personality through CraftedMovie. At the time, CraftedMovie was one of the largest Minecraft cinema channels and was one of the pioneers to introduce cinema-type content into Minecraft. After many years, the overall humor of the videos decreased and the channel eventually lost thousands of subscribers every time a new video was published. The channel was not extremely profitable due to YouTube's algorithms, so a certain few of CraftedMovie personnel, including Grian, decided to shift their focuses and work on other projects, including Grian's own YouTube channel, which was wildly more successful than CraftedMovie, and Wynncraft. Wynncraft, an enormous Minecraft server project that took up the CraftedMovie creators and Grian's time, eventually lead to the dissolve and permanent death of the legendary CraftedMovie channel, paving the way for Grian's personal YouTube channel to be created and the innovative Wynncraft server to be created under Grian's lead.


Wynncraft was a major project that was mainly focused on by Grian between the gradual death of CraftedMovie and the explosion of Grian's own YouTube channel. Based on classic MMORPG-type games, Wynncraft was developed under Grian's fist for about three years. It was wildly successful and attracted many MMO-loving Minecraft players. Grian's first small fan base from before he became a large YouTuber mainly came from the Wynncraft community. Since Grian's YouTube channel took off, Grian has somewhat shifted his attention away from Wynncraft and to YouTube, which has angered some of the Wynncraft players, since Grian was one of the primary leaders.


  • He is the creator of TNT run, which is used mostly in server games.
  • Grian has two pet cats.
  • He created a mini game called "Build Swap".
  • Grian has a Degree in Biology