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Griffinlobster is a YouTube Let's Player who is known for saying, many times, that Super Mario Brothers 3 on the NES was his favorite video game of all time, which was also his first ever let's play.  He's good friends with fellow let's players digitalinsanity111, durden77, darkmindedsith, and Odinspack33, and has also done collaboration work with Odinspack33 himself.  Back in 2011 Griff also created a new channel called ItsTheProgram.  On this channel he posted a comedy short video every day of the year of 2011.



  1. Let's Play Super Mario Brothers 3
  2. Let's Play Super Mario World
  3. Let's Play Portal
  4. Let's Play Super Mario Galaxy
  5. Let's Play Psychonauts
  6. Let's Play Rayman Legends
  7. Let's Play Kirby Super Star w/Odinspack33
  8. Let's Play Final Fight w/Odinspack33


  1. ItsTheProgram Series
  2. ItsTheVacation Series