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Zafera (born July 12, 2003 (2003-07-12) [age 14]), commonly known as GutterJunkie or often shortened to Junkie, is a British Comedy YouTuber.


GutterJunkie started her current YouTube channel in 2016, originally under the name MistikOnline. Her first video was uploaded in April 2016, titled 'THE MOST INSANE MOTHER ON YOUTUBE (Margaret Palermo)'. It was a commentary criticizing a YouTuber named Margaret Palermo, who has been causing controversy from 2012-present, alongside her daughter, Venus Angelic.

Junkie's video gained large traction for a beginning YouTuber and amassed over 83,000 views and gained her roughly 1,300 subscribers until the video was flagged down for harassment and bullying in August 2016. She had stated on her Twitter and her Instagram that Palermo herself tried to take down the video for copyright reasons, but Junkie was notified in an email that YouTube believed her content fell under fair use according to copyright laws, therefore no action was taken, although later on her video had been flagged multiple times by viewers for harassment and bullying, which lead to the video being permanently taken down.

Zafera has previously been known as MistikOnline, Mistik, Pixikid and Junkie before finally changing to GutterJunkie. She is better known for her commentary-oriented videos (usually using speed paint footage from Paint Tool SAI or gameplay from the rhythm game osu!), but her recent uploads appear to be transitioning her channel into a comedy format. However, a few of her videos are in a bait-and-switch or meme style.

Junkie's main trait is that she is a young female, which is a rare occurrence in the commentary and dark comedy YouTube community (similar to LtCorbis). Her birthday is listed on her Twitter as July 12th, and her age was listed as 13 in her YouTube channel description. She started uploading on her current channel at the age of 12.

She also ran a collaborative channel from early 2016 to early 2017 named "Mayo Squad" in which she recorded podcasts, talks and gaming videos with her group of friends; the 'Mayo Squad', mentioned in her now privated video, 'MAYO'. The channel gained over 100 subscribers before it was closed after one year.


GutterJunkie started on YouTube around 2014, using a variety of different usernames and experimenting with different genres, such as fashion and animation reviews, but did not start using her current channel until 2016. She was previously a member of a podcast called the SnoopCast (ran by YouTuber and friend of Junkie's, Brucesnoop), using the name Zafera. 


She ran a YouTube channel from March 2015 to January 2017 based around the character Emily Vasquez, created by YouTuber and friend of Junkie's, Pan Pizza. He has collaborated on two of her videos on the channel by providing vocal covers of two songs in Emily Vasquez's voice. These videos have now been unlisted and the channel is now titled "Zafera", and is meant for more raw videos and her podcast, "The Badcast", which she hosts alongside her friends Ozoos and Xokorin. She has a discord called "popkill" with notable members including, xokorin ozoos chenz victor and rose. Spike was the most promenent member of her discord however was banned for being a pedophile. 

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