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Liam, known on YouTube as HBomb94, is a 23 year old American gaming YouTuber. Liam's channel was originally composed of Call Of Duty, but now primarily makes Minecraft videos. His first Minecraft video was released on October 19, 2012.

Liam revealed his face on August 23, 2014, in his ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Video. [1]

Main Series

The Cube SMP

Liam's channel was impacted when he joined the Cube SMP, a multiplayer server in which Minecraft YouTubers form a community.

Cube Season 1 Playlist: [2]

Cube Season 2 Playlist: [3]

Who Wants To Be A Stackinaire?: [4]

Harmony Hallow

Liam then joined a server called Harmony Hallow, It is a modded SMP server owned by a YouTuber named BBPaws and later joined another modded SMP server called Chamber of Iris.

Chamber of Iris Playlist: [5]

Minecraft Cube UHC

This series is where many different invited Minecraft YouTubers face off in an arena where they gather supplies, enchant, and kill to come out on top! HBomb has won 3 out of 19 seasons.

The Avenue SMP

      The Avenue Smp was origanly compossed of four players. As of December 30, 2017 the server has 10 memebers and they're planing to add more. 

Real life

Originally from Chicago, Liam currently lives in Arizona. He previously had a girlfriend named Corrine (called “babebomb94” before her name/face reveal) until they broke up in July of 2016. He has two dogs named MacKenzie (who he usually calls Kenze) and Pippen. He also has a cat named Key Cat. When he moved to Arizona he adopted a dog named Link.

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