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HDCYT is the YouTube account of the mother of Charlie and Harry. The account is mostly notable for its debut video Charlie bit my finger - again ! which became extremely viral, and became the most viewed video on YouTube until 2010. The video made the channel so popular that HDCYT is still inside the top 200 channels.(Video Views) 

Charlie Bit My Finger - Again!

Charlie bit my finger - again ! is the most viewed video on the HDCYT channel,due to it's viral success. The video almost singlehandedly gave the channel 250,000 subscribers. Due to the immense succes of Charlie bit my finger - again!, the family decided to upload more videos. Of them, the most viewed video has got moe than 40 million views to date. Charlie bit my finger - again! has also made an impact on YouTube history, being the most viewed video on YouTube that is not a music video.

As of August 20, 2014 the video has 756,599,936 views

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