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What's up, cake lovers?

―Hallecake, the beginning of every episode

Hallecake (born June 1, 2005) is a kid YouTube vlogger, chef & internet personality that has been filming cooking shows, craft projects, and vlogs since November 2013. She currently has 2,500+ subscribers and 180,000+ total views. Hallecake invites her friends from school to be in her videos with her and has a monthly cooking show called Bake With Hallecake.

YouTube History

On November 16, 2013, Hallecake uploaded her first YouTube video a Let's Play Minecraft video. She uploaded another Let's Play Minecraft video the next day but, changed directions for her third video and made Minecraft Creeper Rice Krispy Treats and has been making cooking, crafting, travel, and personal vlog videos since.


Hallecake's channel began to grow in May 2014 when her Unicorn Poop Cookies video was posted to the Quirkymomma Facebook Page .For her 1,000 subscriber special , she had a guest appearance from Cupquake.

Egg Roulette and A Special Visit from CUPQUAKE

Egg Roulette and A Special Visit from CUPQUAKE

Halle Cake's Most Popular Videos

View Count
Make Your Own Crayola Lipstick 77,000+*
How To Make Unicorn Poop Cookies 127,000+*
How To Make Star Wars Light Saber Sugar Scrub 83,000+*
How To Make a Washi Tape Keyboard 75,000+*
How To Make Turkey Pretzels 66,000+*