Phebe known on YouTube as Harudori is an American gaming channel. She is best known for her anime-related videos, but also her Song Covers as well.


She created her channel on August 16th, 2012, but for some odd reason it now says July 29th, 2013.

She is half American and half Bulgarian, although she's doesn't speak Bulgarian. She never knew she was Bulgarian until she watched the Bulgarian YouTuber, Bodil40, and pretended to be Bulgarian as a joke for a week, until she found out that she actually was Bulgarian (her mom told her). This happened in 2014.

She knows most simple things in Japanese, but she knows a bit more Japanese then Korean, but she still knows a tiny bit of Korean, but she wishes to learn more!

She had mostly posted Animal Jam videos from around October 2014 - August 2015, until she had stopped playing Animal Jam as much as she used to, but still made AJMV's. Then fully stopped as of October 2015. She doesn't mind people knowing that she is a YouTuber on her video games/browser games, and most people don't really know her, either. She mostly gets bugged about how people used to call her 'Cupid AJ' when they found her channel the last year when she first moved to a new school.

Phebe has told us that her birthday is May 20th, but prefers not to share her official age. She says, "My birthday is on May 20th, although I don't feel comfortable sharing my real age. I am old enough to have a YouTube channel, but I was under age when I first started in 2012."

She had four videos up called "OMG THIS GARMAU PHOTO IS PURRRFECT", "Aphmau is a savage | Vine", "AIKATSU STARS DUB AUDITIONS (LEAKED)" and "The Fault in Our Stars- Garmau" that were deleted on March 29th, 2017, because yet again, they weren't really for her being her, but also making her loose most of her views.


Channel Name History

August 16th 2012 - September 1st 2014 = Phebe

September 1st 2014 - December 17th 2014 = jammer4215910aj

December 18th 2014 - July 12nd 2016 = Cupid AJ

July 13rd 2016 - April 24th 2017 = Kawaee

April 25th 2017 - present = Harudori

She didn't start recording videos until October 8th, 2014, with her first video titled "i got hacked on animal jam". Which didn't get many views. Around November 2016, Harudori had decided to start becoming a real YouTuber, deleting all of her embarassing and uneeded videos, such as her first one.

She decided to keep up her third video, "My Annoying Brother ", since she thought it was funny and it had memories of when she first moved into her new house.

She had around 30+ videos up until the ones she deleted. Her second latest video is on April 15th, 2015, titled "Selfies With Friends :3which is screenshots of her and friends on the computer browser game, Animal Jam.

Her third video (currently) is her singing Chandelier, with her face as well for the first time.

The rest of her videos are pretty random; mostly Animal Jam, MineCraft, etc etc.

As of August 2016, that was when her channel first went a small-type of viral. She had uploaded a video of her playing, which she deleted along with her other videos due to the bad editing. It had gotten around 1k views, which made Phebe want to start her YouTube channel a bit more seriously. She was at sleep-away camp during the two weeks, so when she came home it was quite a surprise.

A week after that video she published a video called "Aphmau, Garroth, and Laurance" which was based off of the MineCraft YouTuber, Aphmau . She later titled it "#Garmau or #Laurmau? :3" for an unknown reason. Yet again, she deleted the video due to the editing and copyright strikes from the artwork. That video had gotten around 500k views, which had REALLY blown up her channel, getting her most of her subscribers. She also said that she mostly deleted it because she felt like she was only getting her subscribers for that one video, and she wanted to gain her subscribers for being herself.


Harudori currently uploads a variety of content such as,

  • MineCraft
    • Mostly just Hyixel.
  • Anime
    • Guess That Opening Opening
    • Lyric Videos (Of Anime Openings/Songs)
    • "My Top 5 [N/A] Songs" (PriPara, Aikatsu, etc)
  • Song Covers
    • Anime Openings/Songs
    • Regular Songs
  • Sims 4 (on hold for unknown reason)


  • Most of her in game names are related to her favorite YouTuber, StrauberryJam. As most people can see, her Transformice and Pokefarm are named StrauberryJam. Her Wattpad is also called StrauberryJamz.
    • Those are the only things we know that are related to StrauberryJam, but there may be more out there.
    • She has a love for strawberries as well, which also is a reason of why she loves StrauberryJam.
  • Her channel was originally called "Cupid AJ" until she decided to change it since she quit Animal Jam.
    • It was changed in July 2016.
    • Her name was also changed from "Kawaee" to "Harudori" on April 24th, 2017.

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