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Hated YouTubers are users that are not liked on YouTube. YouTubers can be hated for many reasons, either dark secrets, disturbing videos, or offensive videos that may not make the audience comfortable. Most hated YouTubers are losing subscribers fast due to the watchers' disappointment. Most reasons of what cause these following reasons is most often being greedy for money. The Fine Brothers copyrighted the word REACT so only the can do it for the money. The two bothers later apologized, but their videos are still getting tons of dislikes, however, is recovering from the hatred and gaining popularity again. The most hated YouTuber on YouTube is suspected to be Nicole Arbour, who is cyber-bullying people who are fat, old or more. She has a few dark nicknames.

List of Hated YouTubers

Channel Subscribers Reasons
Drama Alert (Formerly) 1M+ Framing an old man so he could be hated.
Fine Brothers 13M+ Attempted copyright of reaction videos on Youtube.
JustinBieberVEVO 22M+ For multiple reasons. Most notably his many crimes, and awful singing.
Nicole Arbour 300,000+ Judging People or cyberbullying them. Also being exposed as an abusive girlfriend to Matthew Santoro, a very well loved, pretty big YouTuber.  
Sam Pepper Over 1M

Going too far with Obnoxious or unusual pranks.

Rebecca Black 1M+ Her song "Friday"
VEVO 12M+ Accused of being useless and censoring strong language in his content.

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