He's gonna kick MY ass?

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He's gonna kick MY ass?

I'm gonna kick his ask.
Video #0012
Link: watch
Rating: Unknown
User: thesugarmama
Date Added: March 27, 2007
Length: 0:49
Description: When the monster comes out of the movie I'm a gonna kick his ask!
Category: Comedy
Tags: monsters kick butt ask
Views: 14600097
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He's gonna kick MY ass? is the twelfth video uploaded by an unknown YouTuber to The Sugar Mama account. The video was uploaded on March 27, 2007 after she uploaded jt 3-13-2007 chicago on March 14, 2007. After that she also uploaded invisible dog on December 4, 2007.


{The words "When a 3 yr old is asked about monster" appears. After that the words "Her answer may suprise you." appear onscreen with the voice of mom talking:}

  • MOM: {Voice only} And tell Mommy again what you said were going to do to him is he came here?

{Video appears onscreen of a 3-year old child as she answers to her Mom's questions}

  • CHILD: I said...I'm gonna kick his ask. {trying to say "ass"}
  • MOM: Oh, {silently laughs} that's not nice.
  • CHILD: If he's gonna come in here he's gonna kick my ask.
  • MOM: {Laughing and child starts interrupts a bit} He-he will?
  • CHILD: {Interrupting} So-, so- {done interrupting} Yeah. He'll come out in a movie, he'll 'ome out and kick my ask.
  • MOM: {Still laughing} Okay.
  • CHILD: And I can kick his ask.
  • MOM: Okay, but that's not a nice word. You should say, "Kick his butt."
  • CHILD: Ooooh!

{Screen fades to black}

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