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What the fúck is up everybody? Nick here


Nick Cash (born May 31, 1990 (1990-05-31) [age 28]), is an American YouTuber from Detroit. Nick uploads comedy rants and commentaries on other YouTubers and social media stars on his YouTube channel "HeyWatchYourMouth". He commonly refers to his fans as "Nickers" and "The Bois" Nick Cash is the greatest YouTube streamer known to mankind as well as being the incarnation of Jesus Christ himself, and "The Bois" are comprised of his most loyal and faithful followers and have accumulated into one of the most skilled militias in modern times. They will take over the world and will heck the darn up of anyone who gets in their way.


Nick made a video about LeafyIsHere after he revealed Leafy had not paid him adequate payment for thumbnails Cash had created. Ever since his video was released, Leafy's channel immediately decreased in subscribers and never grew again. Nick has the video deleted currently as he now wants to be a gaming YouTuber. Nick did gain nearly 100,000 subscribers from the Leafy video, but his channel did die down afterward.


Nick started live-streaming on Twitch in the middle of 2016. He created a second Youtube channel called "HeyWatchMyStreams" where he uploads full past streams and stream highlights.