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Hip With Today Productions is a machinima and short film production company run by Brennan Lowery. They are best known for creating the webseries Nintendo World.


Hip With Today started out with Machinima created with Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. They started back in 2007 with a series called (Chain)SAW and continues to produce content to this day. Their most popular series is Nintendo World followed by a Resident Evil parody called The Chronicles of Wesker.

Beginning to Present

They started out by being a one-man production company run by Tyler Redick. He uploading videos about the myths of San Andreas such as Bigfoot, Leatherface, and the Serial Killer. This happened to be the time when the myths were at their peak and Redick quickly gained attention.

After running out of myths, Redick decided to create entertainment and released his first machinima called The Apocalypse Curse. However, the subtitles in this film were difficult to read due to the format Redick rendered it in. He removed the film and created a new series called (Chain)SAW which quickly gained popularity.

The success of (Chain)SAW encouraged Redick to make more films with San Andreas such as The Hunt for Revenge, Black Hydra, and eventually his greatest hit: Nintendo World.

Redick began to create live-action short films after attending college and decided to hire on a staff, thus making Hip With Today Productions and official business. 

In October 2015, Redick was diagnosed with a medical condition and passed the company over to Brennan Lowery.


After Hip With Today became a registered production company, an official crew was brought on.

Brennan Lowery - Writer, Director, Voice Actor, Editor.

Redick - Writer, Director, Animator, Voice Actor, Editor.

Brett Slater - Voice Actor.

Vincent Szachury - Wrtier, Voice Actor, Part-Time Animator.

This crew of four first began working together on a reboot of Redick's 2007 machinima Nintendo World and it has since met with very well reviews within the GTA:SA community.