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Kevin, better known online as ItsTheAntidote, or just Antidote, formerly HorseTroller, is a gaming YouTuber with over 2,500 subscribers. He focuses on the game Grand Theft Auto V, and posts non game-breaking glitches often. He started his channel by modding in the game and giving away accounts along with hosting money lobbies. However, he does not appear to continue doing so today. Unlike many YouTubers, he never starts off a video with "leave a like", although he occasionally will do so at the end. He also uploads discussion videos where he brings up community suggestions about what should be added, removed, etc. He is 15 years old and lives in Northern California. He currently has over 37k views, and tries to upload daily. On his second Channel, he has mentioned that his name is Kevin, and doesn't mind being called so.

His friends include Optimistlive, SickGamingTV, & Toddie.