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Profile: HowToBasic
Twitter: @HowToBasic
Facebook: HowToBasic
Style: How To
Date Joined: December 8, 2011
Date Shut Down: N/A
Subscribers: 3.8 Million+*
Videos: 300+
Schedule: Weekly Uploads
Status: Active

HowToBasic is an Australian Youtuber who makes comedic and misleading tutorial videos. He often making large messes by slamming, beating, or smashing food against his countertops or floor. He makes huge messes, which he stated in an interview take "about an hour or two" to clean up. He smashes, and throws an extreme quantity of eggs in his videos, a quality he refers to as an "egg fetish". 

Few people have seen his face and/or heard his real voice. In a video interview, his voice's pitch was altered, and his face was silhouetted. He said that the anonymity makes his videos funnier. In the same interview, he stated that he used to make actual, albeit useless tutorials (i.e. How to Pick Up an Umbrella, and How to Close a Door), but they gained very little popularity, so he began doing what he currently does, and became very successful.

He occasionally collaborates with MaxMoeFoe during his challenge videos, appearing off-camera, and throwing eggs or other various items while Max attempts the challenge. He and Max are most likely close friends.


How To Make a Pizza00:42

How To Make a Pizza

One of HowToBasic's most popular videos.

  • HowToBasic has officially stated that his real name is not Aaron Jackson. This was a theory based on misheard words MaxMoeFoe had said during one of their collab vidoes.
  • In his million subscribers special, he crept along a mirror, and before turning to show his face, he smashed an egg against the mirror, followed by a quick middle finger.
  • HowToBasic always films his videos in underwear. In a video titled "How To Teleport " in which he teleports to a grocery store, he appears to be still in his underwear, but his black shorts can vaguely be seen for a short amount of time when he looks down.
  • In the video "How To Put on a Condom " he puts a condom onto a sausage, then chases shoppers through a clothing store while holding it. It is not known whether or not he was wearing clothes at the time.
  • The video "How to make a Krabby Patty ", he mixes together several ingredients, (including a condom, a tampon, several bottles of glitter, and a Spongebob DVD), into a disgusting mess. He then puts it in a bucket, and serves it to MaxMoeFoe in his "HowToBasic Challenge " video. He did not manage to eat the whole thing, and vomited multiple times.
  • According to an interview with him, most of HowToBasic's cleanups take about an hour. However, the "How To Make Bread " video took him three hours.
  • In "How To Fight A Chicken ", it is shown that he has a chicken farm in his garden. This is presumably where he gets the eggs used in his videos.
  • Commenters on his videos often rant about him "wasting food", however, it is mentioned in an interview that he only uses expired food during his videos.

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