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HowToBasic is an Australian youtuber who makes funny videos consisting of him breaking and smashing stuff. In his videos, he always smashes an egg. His videos start with "How to.." then some topic. His face is never shown for unknown reasons and there are no pictures of him. He lives near Maxmoefoe and they occasionally do videos together.


  • HowToBasic has officially stated that his name is not 'Aaron Jackson'. This was a fan theory, based on bloopers from MaxMoeFoe's Krabby Patty Challenge
  • To celebrate his channel reaching one-million subscribers, he uploaded How To Get 1,000,000 Subscribers . After smashing hundreds of eggs, he creeps along a hallway and stands next to a mirror. Just as he is about to turn and reveal his face, he smashes an egg against the mirror, wags his finger "no" shortly before he flips off the viewers.
  • All of HowToBasic's videos are filmed in his underwear to give the appearance that he is nude. He frequently withdraws a large sausage in place of a penis, which is usually either mutilated, or shoved in and out of a raw chicken's neck cavity. In How To Teleport; when he teleports into a grocery store, his black shorts can seen very briefly when he looks down. In How To Put on a Condom, he puts a condom onto a sausage, and chases people through a clothing store. It is not known whether or not he was fully clothed at the time. 
  • In How to make a Krabby Patty, he mixes together several objects, (including a condom, a tampon, several bottles of food dye and glitter, and a Spongebob DVD) into an increasingly disgusting mess. He transfers the Krabby Patty into a bucket, and serves it to MaxMoeFoe in his HowToBasic Challenge. Max was unable to consume any of it and vomited numerous times.
  • In How To Fight A Chicken, it is clear that he has a chicken farm in his yard. It is possible that this is where he gets the vast quantities eggs used in his videos.
  • Critics often complain that his videos are a waste of food, however HowToBasic claims to only uses expired foods, likely acquired from local grocery stores. In How To Get High, he opens a sealed bag of lettuce, with the expiration date briefly visible.
    • However, in How to Fight a Chicken, he is shown to have a hen coop in his backyard. This means that almost all of his eggs are fresh, and that he wastes vast amounts of them in his videos.
  • He mentioned that during the How To Make Wine video, he cut his hand after smashing a wine glass.
  • HowToBasic has known to have several of his recent videos removed due to CG; he had once uploaded a video titled 'How To Disclipine Your Child' that was shortly removed, due to YouTube's Community Guidelines. This may have been because of nudity; as the video contained brief clips of a man's bare buttocks being slapped, that would of flash up at random for a comedic effect; even having an egg land on it. Another video he posted was called "How To Make Shit Hit the Fan"; it also got taken down for Community Guidelines, due to a violation of: "nudity or sexual content" despite nothing sexual was depicted (but some people suspected that his crotch showed and that's what the reason was for). The third video "How To Use a Dishwasher" got removed the same day it was posted because of: "a violation of YouTube's policy against spam, scams, and commercially deceptive content." The fourth video he put up "How to Train Your Cat" was taken down possibly for animal abuse, although the cat he chucks at a TV set is clearly a shoe and not an actual animal. The fifth and recent video "How To Paint a Realistic Eye" was removed most likely for any copyright (albeit there was none). All of these existing videos were restored completely without any avail; the discipline video is now age-restricted.
  • Several YouTubers have attempted to reveal HowToBasic's identity. All of the face-reveal videos made so far have been confirmed to be fake. 
  • On 23 December 2014, his channel was temporarily terminated by YouTube for 24 hours. By the next day, it was back up. No explanation was given, but it was probably likely due to Community Guidelines.
  • There are rumours about his first name being 'Patrick'.
  • In some videos like 'How to Babysit', it appears that he uses the Apple software 'iMovie'.
  • YouTuber Jack Douglass (jacksfilms) claimed that the identity of HowToBasic is his former college roommate, Darren Cunningham, in a video where Douglass did impressions of fellow YouTubers.
  • In "How to do homework" as well as a few earlier videos, he is shown to own a dog.
  • Starting in late 2013, his videos started having over fifty to a hundred cutting points with about two or three cuts per second.
    9RAW - Interview with 'HowToBasic'03:56

    9RAW - Interview with 'HowToBasic'

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