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Humza Productions (Also known as Humza Arshad or Badman) is a British actor, comedian and writer of Pakistani descent. He is best known for his YouTube series Diary of a Bad Man. His most popular series is Diary Of A Badman which is divided into 2 series. With over 58 million video views, Humza used to have one the most viewed channel in england back in 2011. Most of his viewers are young British Asians.



  • Humza Arshd as Humza / Badman: Main character of the series and narrates the story in each episode.
  • Mohammed Umar Baig as Umar: Humza's best friend who has betrayed Humza a few times during the first season and he is often ridiculed for being overweight.
  • Asif Hussain as Asif: Humza's enemy turned friend.
  • Jaspal Kerrah as Dexter: Humza's friend who is constantly insulted for being dopey.
  • Yogesh Kalia as Agent Kalia: A secret agent who works for the P.I.A (Pakistani Intelligence Agency) who he claims is a less intelligent version of the C.I.A. He initially met Humza during his search for Jazzie who had been kidnapped.
  • Jazzi Zonzolo as Jazzie: Humza's friend who is shown to be vain and claims to be half-Asian.

Music Videos

Humza also creates music videos which tends to be on "Asian Lifestyles" 

Title Episode
Jam That Hype Part 5
Rap Battle Part 6
Arranged Marriage Part 7
Lotta Riddim Part 8
Anti-Social Rap Part 9
Roti or Rice Part 10
Mirror Mirror 2.1
You Are Freshy 2.3
DTR (Down To Rishta) 2.4
Get Funky 2.5


Year Title Role Season Episodes
2009 Chronicles of Tuttoo Tuttoo Season 1 5 episodes
2010–2012 D iary Of A Bad Man Badman Season 1 10 episodes
2012–2013 Smokey Barbers Season 1 6 episodes
Diary of a Bad Man Season 2 6 episodes
Badman's Britain Season 1 2 episodes


Bubblegum Season 1 6 episodes
Black and Brown Badman Season 1 5 episodes

Badman Blogs

Badmans Worls

Season 1

2 episodes