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William Tucker Boner, better known online as JERICHO, formerly IIJERiiCHOII, is a YouTube gamer and vlogger who resides in Portland, Oregon. He occasionally makes skits in which he plays a character named Jericho and is a part of the Gamer Shore. He was in a relationship with Canadian YouTuber OMGitsfirefoxx until July 31, 2016 when they agreed to part ways on mutual terms. He has a black chow chow dog which he has named Grizzwald. IIJERiiCHOII is one of several people who steamed the Mianite Series on Twitch. JERICHO currently has over 1.1 million subscribers and 120 million video views.

Aside from general gaming, IIJERiiCHOII also makes fan parodies of certain songs that go with his interests.


Tucker grew up in Maryland with his parents. After he graduated from high school in 2011, he went on to college to study, but decided to quit college to do YouTube full time. He moved in with Tmartn, Goldglove, and MuzzaFuzza into a house in LA in which they called "The Gamer Shore", where they planned to do plenty of skits, videos, and livestreams together. However, due to difficult scheduling, the idea went short and only one official livestream was actually made. Since Tmartn and Goldglove have moved out, Tucker continues to do YouTube videos and skits with other YouTubers, such as ChampChong, Vern, and Syndicate.

Him and Sonja both live in Portland together now, along with Grizzwald and Sonja's cat Gonzo. Tucker and Sonja are now planning to move back to LA after their mutually agreed break up on July 31, 2016.