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Jonathan Ian Mathers, who also goes by J.I.M, and better known online as iLL WiLL PrEss, is an illustrator and animator who created the webstoon Neurotically Yours.

Neurotically Yours

The original series of the webtoon began in 2003 and was hosted on Mathers' site as well as on Newgrounds, with a series of shorts featuring aspiring poet and goth Germaine Endez and her hyperactive and overly opinionated pet squirrel Foamy.  The earlier shorts often centred around Germaine attempting to get work done only to be constantly interrupted by Foamy's antics or rants, while episodes devoted to reading fan mail often broke down into Foamy protesting how much he hates reading fan mail.

In 2009 Mathers began to exclusivly host Neurotically Yours on YouTube and Newgrounds, citing the excessive cost of his monthly bandwidth use to host the shorts on his own site as well as people redistributing his work without credit.  Hosting on YouTube also allowed Mathers to post remastered versions of the older shorts.

Neuroitically Yours was rebooted in 2011, with Mathers stating he made the choice as the series was getting too dark - as the original run featured themes such as Germaine having to turn to prostitution to support herself - which was beginning to divide the series' core audience while also losing the younger viewers, so the reboot allowed a completely new take on the material with the existing characters.