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iNilex (Born: May 14, 1999 (1999-05-14) [age 19]) is a gaming commentator that plays a lot of minecraft, and generally plays game types that consist of PVP or other types of mini game action. He is most famous for a Skyblock series that he ran in 2013, but has had most recent success in a Factions PVP series that ran throughout multiple minecraft faction servers.


Minecraft has been his main focus, taking up nearly 2/3 of his entire channel. As he has uploaded other games in the past, here are his minecraft series' run on his channel.

Factions - His most popular series, primarily hosted on the Extronus faction network, has brought him the most success and audience retention.

Factions "The Reawakening" - Alongside being with the most popular series, "Factions 'The Reawakening'" was a scripted Factions series which included a full plot, storyline, and character set.

Hunger Games - A general classic for a minecraft pvper. While not being a huge spotlight on his channel, Hunger Games is a fun, community oriented minigame and is fun to watch and play.

1.8.1 Beta Survival - A series taken place in 2014, "1.8.1 Beta Survival" was an original series designed to bring the old minecraft player back to its roots. With a little bit of dust, and a whole lot of nostalgia, the series was a blast.

Other minecraft related projects

Minecraft servers,,, are some of his previous server adventures as he's tried to build a community of his own.

Minecraft server staff

Along with owning and operating his own servers, he has spent time volunteering as community staff notably on and along with having several partnerships with other large servers & server networks, among partnerships with server hosts and companies.

YouTube hiatus

He has been on an on and off YouTube hiatus, he has never clarified why.