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Kevin Neary, better known as iSekC, is a YouTube vlogger, gamer, comedian, actor, rapper, and artist who, on his channel, posts vlogs, comedy videos and skits, previously done on his third channel iSekCTV. When making music and rapping, he is under the stage name Dontae, which is also his birth name.


iSekC was born on December 17, 1991, which makes his age 26 years old. He is originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but moved to Colorado and moved in with his rommates, Justin & Andrew also known as the comedy and acting duo, Jstu,(JstuStudios and MoreJstu) But then moved back to Pittsburgh and lived with his parents for a short time, before getting his own apartment, in late 2014.


As of 2015, rumors have stirred on both iSekC and female gamer, KoailBears' Instagram accounts, about a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship that she and iSekC are in, as they constantly post pictures of each other.

Later, sometime in June, iSekC posted a video titled 'Barcelona w/ The Bae' , a video with him and female gamer KoaliBears, making accurate the rumors of him and Koali being a couple.

But before the rumored girlfriend in 2015, back on his starting years on YouTube on 2011 there was also a rumored girlfriend of iSekC named "Jennifer" and called as "Jenny" on his Call of Duty Black Ops Parodies, these are the following YouTube videos of him that included Jenny



and also his comedy skits that included Jenny

"How To Get A Girl To Like You"

and there's also a video of iSekC and Jennifer kissing on his video "How to Kiss"

Other channels

The channel he uses for gaming is XpertThief , which is currently his most active, but now focuses on the regular iSekC channel after quitting the channel, iSekCTV